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Keyboard Wizard Testimonials

Einstein endorses Keyboard Wizard

From Stephan Oberhoff, pianist/keyboardist for Melissa Manchester:

The whole show [of December 16, 2010] was facilitated by the use of Keyboard Wizard, particularly by switching on and off a Synth Pad Layer that broadens and supports my Grand Piano Sound - then allowing me to suddenly break into a vibraphone solo etc. Although I am using a YAMAHA P 85 (for its heavenly Piano Keybed) without Master Keyboard functionality, all desired volumes and patch changes were pre-programmed and selectable at a whim, and provided a steady musical environment, thanks to Keyboard Wizard!!

From Peter Herz, keyboardist on the 2010 Pageant of the Masters show:

Basically Keyboard Wizard is a fine product and one I warmly endorse. I have not had such a 'bug-free' experience in all the years I've worked the Pageant of the Masters. Moving around between steps is quite fast and the interface easy and intuitive to use. I appreciate the mapping function for achieving harp effects. Copying and editing steps has everything you need - it's very quick to do. I told John how wonderful it is having Keyboard Wizard, a system easily ported between players, removing the need for bulking rigs. It could help an average player a lot. It's a great tool. Thanks for all your hard work and flexibility in working in some the suggestions we piano nuts wanted!

Thanks again Paul,

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