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Keyboard Wizard is a MIDI-processing Java GUI application that aids keyboardists performing in musical theatre, opera, rock concerts, school and church musical events, or any other live performance.

Keyboard Wizard makes it easier for live keyboardists to perform, by taking care of tasks that otherwise require extensive keyboard/synthesizer programming, or the pressing of a lot of MIDI keyboard buttons while performing. It also enables keyboardists to do things they wouldn't otherwise be able to do by themselves with only ten fingers, including playing multiple instrumental parts. It provides centralized control of multiple MIDI modules and virtual (software) instrument libraries, so that a single keyboardist can play an orchestra's worth of sounds individually, in splits, layers, and maps, in rapid succession, with precise articulation and dynamics, all from a single keyboard.

Pageant of the Masters 2008 keyboard rig
Keyboard Wizard in the pit.

Keyboard Wizard features:

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