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Keyboard Wizard Demos

Wright Brothers' first flight, 1903

Eight short demo videos of Keyboard Wizard, by John Sawoski, who used Keyboard Wizard with his keyboard rig in the orchestra pit of the 2011 Pageant of the Masters show.

Keyboard Wizard in Action

A quick demo of a two-computer Keyboard Wizard setup, including:

  1. Step List with punch screen arrows
  2. On-screen MIDI Volume Meter
  3. On-screen keyboard showing keys as they are played
  4. Global MIDI Mute toggling via MIDI Remote Control (MRC)
  5. Auto-Change Trigger (ACT)
Overview of Keyboard Wizard's Performance Features
  1. Performance Views
  2. Step List
  3. Title Steps
  4. Punch Screen (arrow, disc, square, or off)
  5. Midi Remote Control (MRC)
  6. Panic
  7. Midi Mute toggling
  8. Per-Step Preset Volume
  9. Volume Scaling
  10. Smart Note-Offs
Note-Mapping Harp Gliss Example

Introduction to note mapping in Keyboard Wizard, using the harp pedal diagram.

Overview of Basic Keyboard Wizard Architecture
  1. The Main Window, showing the current step name, and the current volume
  2. Edit Mode
  3. MIDI Device View
  4. Sounds View
  5. Zones View
  6. Steps View
Auto-Change Trigger (ACT)

A short example of a series of Keyboard Wizard steps alternating between gliding and non-gliding synth sounds, the step changes triggered automatically by Auto-Change Trigger.

Miscellaneous Performance Mode Features
  1. QWERTY keyboard commands
  2. The Find command
  3. Escape key (panic)
Different sounds in different keyboard ranges

Simple example of setting up Keyboard Wizard to play tremolos, by creating multiple zones with the same sound transposed to different octaves.

Performing on Internal and External Sound Modules with Keyboard Wizard

How Keyboard Wizard plays external MIDI modules and virtual instrument libraries.

Song "Rich Man's Frug", from the musical "Sweet Charity" (1:44). Here's a direct link to the MP3 file, which is a recording from a 2008 production at Santa Monica College (see the Keyboard Wizard Performances page for more details).

Every instrumental sound (aside from live acoustic piano and drum kit) is performed by a single keyboardist using Keyboard Wizard, running on a MacBook Pro. There are no pre-recorded tracks of any kind; the various combinations and quick changes of sound are performed by Keyboard Wizard as the keyboardist plays. Keyboard Wizard in turn controls EastWest Colossus sounds, as well as internal sounds on the controller keyboard. The sounds that Keyboard Wizard controls in this recording includes:

  1. Upright Bass
  2. Chorus Guitar
  3. Pop Stack Trumpet Section
  4. Trombone Section
  5. 60's Organ
  6. Alto Sax
  7. Bari Sax
  8. Big Brass Section
  9. Xylophone
  10. Trumpet - Harmon Mute

Here is a Finale keyboard score for the recording above, in PDF format. It shows what the keyboardist plays, where they change steps, as well as measures where the "input notes" (the notes that the keyboardist plays) are mapped to additional "output notes". This mapping enables the keyboardist to play parts that would otherwise need to be played by other instrumentalists, or by a second keyboardist.

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